Lecture on „Absolute Radio Art“ in Cologne

On Monday, the 2nd of Febuary 2015 at 17:45 I will give a lecture in German on the concept of „absolute radio art“ in Cologne.

Its title is

1925 – 1969 – 2015:

Wiederholungen & Differenzen in der Debatte um absolute Radiokunst

This lecture is part of the 7. Dokoranden-Ringvorlesung and takes place from 17:45 to 19:15 at the Hörsaal A2 in the Hörsaalgebäude of the University of Cologne, Universitätsstraße 33, 50931 Köln.

Everyone who is interested is cordially invited to join.

Aliens, UFOs & Earthlings

Today the result of intensive research in the last weeks and months goes on air and online: My 28 minutes long radio feature „Von Aliens, UFOs und Erdlingen – Zur Kulturgeschichte der Außerirdischen“ will be broadcasted by the Swiss public radio station SRF 2 Kultur, afterwards being available as a podcast.

This production was only possible thanks to wonderful reasearchers like film scholar Simon Spiegel, astrophysicist Ben Moore, literature scholars Robert Stockhammer, Hania Siebenpfeiffer and Philipp Theisohn, ethnologist Alice Spinnler and numerous aliens. They are all featured in the show.


A big thanks also goes to all the others who helped and inspired my work along the way and openend my eyes for so many incredible creatures in and aspects of this universe. These selenites of The Great Moon Hoax from 1835 (see pic the right) are only one example.

A very special thanks goes to Philipp Theisohn and his team at the Swiss national research project „Conditio extraterrestris. The Inhabitated Galaxy as the Space of Literary Imagination and Communication (1600 – 2000)“ at the German Department of the University of Zurich.


Their amazing research projects probably bore me out the most that humankind is once again changing its sense of self and that we have to think and talk about it. Therefore I also portrayed Conditio extraterrestris additionally in a seperate article and broadcast.