Memberships & Projects


ECREA – European Communication Research & Education Association

GfM – Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft

KKT – Kompetenzzentrum Kulturelle Topographien, Universtät Basel


In 2005 Patrick Gruban, Julian Doepp and I founded sub-bavaria, a wiki-encyclopedia of the bavarian sub-culture. It used to be a very beautiful and successful wiki, e.g. it became the starting basis for the radio-campaigne Zündfunk retten! in 2006. Unfortunatelly it got attacked by spam in 2013. Since then some volunteers are trying to fix it. If you are interessted to support them: Help is always welcome. Just contact me.

When a good friend of mine was diagnosed leukemia in 2010 some friends and me organized in cooperation with the DKMS, the German Bone Marrow Center, a campaigne to find a stem cell donator. Therefore we used sucessfully the weblog Gemeinsam für Sven in combination with all other kinds of social networks.