Karlsruher Postulate for Gender Equality in Art and Culture

At the ARD-Hörspieltage 2019 the radio play department of the WDR in Cologne initiated the special theme day „Wie weiblich ist der Kulturbetrieb?“. It was entirley dedicated to an enquiry of the current situation of women within art and culture as workspaces in German speaking countries, which still has to be called quite discriminating. Since 2004 this annual festival for radio plays takes place at the prestigious ZKM Karlsruhe and has turned into a meaningful collaboration of the joint organisation of Germany’s regional public service-broadcasters ARD with the public broadcasters ORF of Austria and SRF of Switzerland.

I was invited to give the key-note speech about the bechdel test and radio plays and to participate in a panel discussion with the feminst linguist Luise F. Pusch, the gender researcher Sabine Hark, the islam scholar Lamya Kaddor, the feminist author Stefanie Lohaus and the journalist Hilde Weeg. After this discussion the participants of the panel and the audience where divided into three different workgroups. Their taks: To come up with different postulates how to improve the situation of women in art and culture. Here you can listen to the documentation of the gathering of the results.

Karlsruher Postulate: For Gender Equality in Art and Culture – NOW!

Meanawhile our collaborative manifesto also has been published under the title „Die Karlsruher Postualte für Gleichberechtigung in Kunst und Kultur“ and I have been interviewd by the radio station SWR 2 about the situation of women in art, culture and radio play as well as about the Karlsruher Postulate. And this is what we demand in English: