The Road to Brexit – A Students‘ Podcast

The White Cliffs of Dover (Image: Makiko Itoh/Flickr | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Just in time for the second anniversary of Brexit, Prof. Ina Habermann of the English department of the University of Basel and students of her research seminar The Road to Brexit  published their podcast on the historical and cultural reasons and motivations why so many Britons voted to leave the EU. In eleven contributions they looked for example at Winston Churchill’s war rhetoric as well as at the myth of Dunkirk or T2 Trainspotting and a European perspective at Great Britain. For me as a professional radio journalist who by chance happens to be working at the English department in Basel right now, it was a great pleasure and challenge to help them bring their project alive. Together with Ina Habermann I edited the texts of the students, I taught them how to speak on the radio and took care of recording, editing and publication of the project.

Today the article about the project and its background was published on the website of the university. You can read it here in German or in English. Further information about the project, the production and the contents you can find here. And last but not least you can listen to the podcast here.

I highly recommend to take some time for this podcast. Listening to these 69 minutes is in my opinion truely enligthening and definitely worthwhile. Congratulations to Prof. Habermann and her students, well done!

#journalistenschule 2018

On May 3, 2018, the official World Press Freedom Day,  my alma mater, the Deutsche Journalistenschule (DJS) in Munich (Germany), conducted the wonderful project #journalistenschule: In times of so-called „Fake News“, alleged „Lügenpresse“ („lying press“), internet hoaxes and conspiracy theories the idea came up that current and former students of the German journalism school should visit any high school in Germany, their own former school or another, and talk with students and teachers about their profession. Altogether at over 100 high schools all over Germany we met over 7600 students and discussed with them ethical standards, possible mistakes and the crisis of the credibility of journalism in times of mainstream and social media.

Students of the politics course of the Theodor-Heuss-Gymansium and me discussing the currents threats of democracy, free press and quality journalism

Albeit journalism is not anymore my main profession since several years, I of course still believe strongly in the necessity of quality media and a free press for any democracy.